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Others are tortured and killed. Nor are there really any consequences for what they do to people.

Witch & Wizard: The Gift

She appears as a ghost and a kind of guide through the novel. There are second hand stories of kids being vaporized by the New Order. When Wisty returns to the prison where she and Whit had been held, she finds the bloated body of one of their captors—apparently executed for allowing them to escape.

The New Order gained power through a long term plot that involved bought elections and propaganda until they were in a position to take over the Overworld. They put science and logic and rationalism above all.

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The One Who does fill in the blank has nearly total power over that realm. The world is recognizably modern, and not so modern that it feels like the future. Not all the kids are angels, though—some betray the resistance, some are willing to lie to get what they want, etc. Whit and Wisty are separated from their parents for most of the book, but through flashbacks we get the idea that they were loving and supportive—even if they did neglect to tell their kids anything about their magical potential.

Although they tease each other occasionally, Wisty and Whit obviously love each other and overall get along well. Even though the book looks long, its pace is non-stop and the short chapters keep the length from being intimidating—this might be a good book for some reluctant readers. There are also pages and pages of all the other books James Patterson has written, which makes this book feel a bit like a marketing vehicle. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Reads 4 Tweens Because you want to know what they're reading.