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It was easily doable in less than half of that time. What I am saying is not a case of hindsight being It is something that any US general would have easily known and every field grade officer should have easily known.

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The Germans were to a large extent dependent on Sweden and to a lesser extent Spain for the import of iron ore to supply the German military. They were also dependent on Spain, Portugal and Turkey for other important raw materials. Cutting that supply would have been so easy that a three year old could have done it. Outside of u boats Germany had no navy to speak of. It had fewer than 10 large warships.

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I could list them by heart if necessary. Germany had no aircraft carriers. By contrast the the US and the UK had dozens of large warships and a half a dozen aircraft carriers available for use in the north Atlantic region. The US and UK could have easily occupied invaded if necessary Sweden and cut off the support that Sweden was giving to the nazis.

Yes that would be invading a country that was claiming to be neutral. But you know what?

Grow yourself…Grow your team.

The allies invaded neutral Iran during the war and Iran was much less crucial to defeating Germany than Sweden was. Now the Swedes had an excuse. They said that they were surrounded by the Germans and if they did not play ball the Germans would just invade Sweden. The Germans had invaded Norway and had a large force in Norway. But when the Germans invaded Norway they had the element of surprise on their side. That would have not been the case had they attempted to invade Sweden. With the Germans already in Norway the allies could have prepared their forces to liberate Norway.

That would have been easy enough. It would have been impossible for Germany to resupply their army in Norway. The allies would have easily controlled the supply lines between Germany and Norway. But the liberation of Norway would have been a cover story anyways. After reaching Norwegian waters the invasion fleet would have only needed to take a right hand turn and head for nearby Sweden.

Can there be any doubt about what would the Swedish leadership have done? Some sceptics might say that German airpower and u boats would have been able to stop such an invasion. That is nonsense. The German Army in Norway would have been useless. I do not expect 21st century Americans to know this but there is a huge bay separating Norway from Sweden except at the very northern part of the two countries.

Without resupply the German army would not have even been able to make it to Sweden.

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If they tried they would have been harassed from the air and by attacks from their rear the whole way. Any German forces that might have been lucky enough to make it in to a position to attack the armies of the US and the UK would not have been 20th century forces but frozen, starved, refugees with 12th century weapons. All those German forces in France would have had to fight against their own bunkers with limited or no resupply.

General Franco was in charge of Spain at that time and he did not want to get involved in the war.

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With the option of invading a severely weakened Germany from the north the allies would have defeated Germany so fast would have captured most of the German Army intact. They could have given German soldiers the choice of long prison sentences or volunteering to fight the Japanese Army and freedom after the quick defeat of Japan. So, why did the western allied Generals chose such apparently stupid strategies?? I think the answer to that question is easy. What do you think? Most of my research is of the German side of the war.

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  7. This is interesting. So, that leads me to two sets of questions: 1 What are your sources on this? Also, is it the generals or political leadership? Do you know if there were any vocal advocates of this kind of strategy during the war? What happened to historians who pushed this interpretation afterward? My public historian senses are piqued here. Dear Will, Did you loose interest in the subject after my reply? I wrote some answers to your questions more than 2 days ago. I figured that you would provide some feed back.

    If not here then to my email.

    Erwin Rommel - The Desert Fox (Documentary)

    I wanted to provide a small update too. Over the past two days I was able to read a few other articles posted on the subject of military history here at tropics of meta. I also wanted to mention another event that influenced my conclusion that the allies prolonged the war, at first in hopes of the Germans deteating the USSR and then for the purpose of allowing the Wehrmacht to kill as many Soviets as possible before the war ended. For a long time I had admired President Eisenhower.

    I did not admire him much as a general but as a politician. He did not stand in the way of the civil rights struggle when he could have easily have done so. His final address as president in which he warned against the growing power of the military was something that had impressed me. Then sometime before after reading other people quote Eisenhower warning against the growth of the military industrial complex for the th time I suddenly aksed myself this question.

    If Eisenhower was really so concerned about the growth of the military industrial complex why did he not put some kind of policies in place that would have prevented it? After all he was in a much better position to put a brake on the growing power of the military in US society than the American people. I began to think that Eisenhower was actually mocking the American people because he knew that the MIC was already in completer control of the country.

    So for years I wondered if Eisenhower was actually a giant ass. Then when I realized how damned easy it would have been for the US and the UK to defeat Germany in knew that Eisenhower was a giant ass. It does not matter if Roosevelt and Churchhill ordered thier militaries not to invade Sweden he had an obligation to warn the public that by not doing so millions of more people would die than would be necessary. Yes of course I know that military people are wrongly taught that it is there job to follow orders not to question them. But when you discover that your supiriors are treasonous SOBs you have an obligation to arrest them, killing them if necessary, not to become an accessory to murder by blindly following orders.

    Young men are dratted because they are not expierenced enough to ask any questions let alone the correct questions. But for men the age of general officers not to question the obvious and act against gross negligence is unforgivable.

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    It is even more unforgivable if the General officers were the source of the decision which would be reasonable to assume since politicians and the public look to them as the experts in their trade. Dear Will, You ask a lot of questions and I am not a college proffessor. Yet I think that I can provide a brief answer to all of your questions. I am not a college professor. Over my life time I no doubt have read hundreds of books about the second world war.

    So have lots of other people. Anyone who is a WW 2 buff would easlily verify the facts of the case. If you want to check on whether or not Spain, as well as Sweden, was also an importan was an important source for German iron ore you can start with a simple Google search which is what I did perhaps two years ago when I wanted to find our just exactly how much iron ore Sweden provided to Germany.