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It uses unpublished archival material, private diaries and diplomatic documents to take us into the hidden areas of power where privileges, tax breaks, University of Minnesota Press. Feminist Perspectives Series.

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Jackie Krasas, associate dean for interdisciplinary programs and international initiatives in the College of Arts and Sciences, said the conference will explore the different ways in which feminism has evolved in the Western and non-Western worlds. White Western feminists were especially critical of religion and religious institutions. What can we learn from this?

This conference is a chance to engage with more nuanced and diverse perspectives and explore the promises and perils of post secular feminism. One hundred twenty-five people have registered to attend. The first keynote address, scheduled for p. The second keynote, scheduled for 7 p.

Breaking Feminist Waves

The third keynote, scheduled for 9 a. The panel features Brittney Cooper, assistant professor of women's and gender studies and Africana studies at Rutgers University; Treva Lindsey, assistant professor of women's, gender and sexuality studies at Ohio State University; and Joan Morgan, a writer and cultural critic at New York University. The idea for the conference, says Krasas, emerged during a trip that Lehigh faculty members made to India in to explore opportunities for collaboration and exchanges between Indian universities and Lehigh.

Registration is free for Lehigh faculty, staff and students. Those interested should call or email incasip lehigh. While feminism had not died, during this period, it had certainly withered, she wrote. Women, or so it seemed, had never had it so good. P atriarchy is nimble and lithe. Its margins of operation always seem to be expanding. Feminists have naturally tended to arrange their battle lines in front of the aspect of oppression that they have regarded as the most pressing.

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In , the feminist Sylvia Walby crisply laid out six areas of patriarchal oppression in her book Theorizing Patriarchy; they still seem to be ticking along nicely. In the home, women still do most of the domestic labour. In the workplace, a legal right to equal pay has not resulted in the eradication of the gender pay gap. At the level of the state, women are underrepresented nearly everywhere in the world in parliaments, legislatures, the military and other bodies.

Feminists and Science | SAGE Publications Inc

In terms of male violence, the charity Rape Crisis estimates that in Britain, 11 rapes are carried out or attempted every hour of every day. Women and men are still judged differently when it comes to sex. It is a slogan and a popular rallying cry rather than an analytic tool. There is a certain relief in giving a name to the affliction.

It has a satisfying ring of old-fashioned radicalism about it, and it comes with a sharp flavouring of conflict. That is not surprising: the internet has enabled the rapid expansion of feminist campaigning, but also the deep and sometimes violent radicalisation of those who fear and hate it.

A reaction against the new feminism has arrived almost simultaneously, as the discontents of disgruntled and unsettled men are stirred and stoked online, in the so-called manosphere. One might reasonably ask whether the patriarchy is truly in any danger, as Steve Bannon fears.

Hashtag Feminism and Sexual Violence in Brazil: An Anthropological Approach

It is easier to topple patriarchs, as Susan Faludi pointed out in the wake of Weinstein, than patriarchy. Powerful men who have been called out by MeToo have left the room, but the room itself still looks very much the same. Some of the men, too, look very much as if they will be returning to the room quite soon. New ways of bringing up children outside traditional family structures will chip away at it.

So will the rising generation of bold young feminists who have not internalised oppression like their elders, and who are calling out sexism and misogyny where they see it. But Bannon can relax. It will be harder to unravel the effect of this cultural inheritance than it was to get the vote.

Feminism in Anthropology I (ANT)

The eradication of patriarchy looks like a task of enormous complexity; when it is smashed, it will take a lot down with it. And so the patriarchs — from the bully in the White House to the bully in your workplace — are still in charge. For now. The long read. A term that was derided and abandoned a decade ago has come roaring back to life. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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