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Your Glasses Don't Work! Buku Tamu View shoutbox. This blog is dedicated to Forex Trader. Please come back and visit often as it will be updated on a regular basis regarding various topics about Fx Trading. Pls drop pips for my lucky turtle. Who am I?


I am a traders, just like you. I have full time jobs, just like you. I have a family to take care of, mortgages to pay, and countless other needs to attend to. I am a part-time traders that set aside a few hours of the Forex trading day, trying to make a few pips here and there. Trading - Trading gives us lessons not only about what to do or not to do next time in a trade, but also life lessons about personality traits that could improve the rest of our lives too - if we are willing to work on them All through time, people have basically acted the same way in the market as a result of greed, fear, ignorance and hope - that is why the numerical formations and patterns recur on a constant basis.

It is critical to keep a trading journal. You make money by waiting, not by trading. Sounds so silly nobody wants to believe it, but it's true - Patience. Let the market come to you - I would rather miss a good trade then be in a bad one. If you want to succeed as a trader you have to have a clearly defined plan and you absolutely cannot break your rules under any circumstances - Very important principle that all professional traders live by and amateurs ignore.

If you focus on handling losses, profits will take care of themselves - Never buy into motion. You must allready have a plan before you open a position - "I'd rather be "out" of a trade and wishing I was "in" than "in" a trade and wishing I was "out".

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Forex is a risky business. You will lose money. There is no perfect system. You cannot, ever, predict the market. Your emotions will get involved as trades move up and down There is no such thing as bad margin as a universal law The market isn't moved by rational reasons More information will not necessarily help you become a profitable trader What we see on the charts -- the market -- is simply a reflection of our own beliefs about the market. Do One Thing Right Traders do better when they try to do one thing perfectly right. Traders do worse when they spread themselves too thin, between many indicators, financial instruments, time frames, and trading systems.

Do less.