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She's aggressive, dresses in a punk manner, and will not hesitate to beat sense into guys who need it which at times include every single boy at the high school. When she gets frustrated, she often resorts to speaking in Gaelic.

Blue Monday Vol. 3: Inbetween Days - Comics by comiXology

He has a trademark parka he is almost always seen wearing, with a giant The Kinks patch on the back. Despite his surly attitude, he has a genuine crush on Bleu - after their first meeting, he even began adopting features of mod culture including said Kinks patch. However, his only date with her ended in a total disaster, partly after Victor and Erin sabotaged it.

He pretends he's just as suave with the ladies as Alan sometimes is, but acts extremely indecisive and dopey. He often acts as the group's clown at the expense of expressing his real feelings. He usually dresses in a rude boy manner, and invariably has a cigarette dangling from his lips in an attempt to act sophisticated. He is known to dress like Robert Smith when depressed, and formerly lived a quasi- goth lifestyle.

She occasionally tries setting up different people, but usually for her own benefit. She's thought to be very slutty and scheming.

Blue Monday Volume 3 - Inbetween Days by Chynna Clugston-Flores - 9781

In particular, she's attracted to Alan, but he blows her off on numerous occasions. In response, she constantly tries to get between Alan and Bleu. He works at a diner and aspires to be a chef. His bangs always cover his eyes; in one story, the guys joke that when they tried to slick his hair back, they found he had no eyes. Bishop is a history teacher , a permanent substitute for a teacher recovering from surgery.

Bleu has a crush on him, as he is her ideal man, from watching Buster Keaton silent films to driving a "beauty of a Falcon. She is somewhat overweight, but extremely friendly.

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Because of her father's job, she often arranges certain events, such as a guy-on-girl soccer game which, due to the evocation of "hooligan rules," ends up with the men's team being beaten up. Labellephant" - The high school principal, who tends to be extremely clueless about everything. He often ends up punishing Bleu and Clover for things they haven't done. In some of the stand-alone stories, Clugston also includes characters from her other comic series.

In addition, the comic includes some characters who may or may not be imaginary.

He is known for drinking beer and for having bad flatulence. While only Bleu can see him Clover apparently pretends she can't see him , everyone is able to smell him. Bleu constantly blames him for doing things she can't imagine herself doing; during her date with Alan, when he thinks she's playing "footsies" with him under the table, she blames it on Seamus.

During a visit to a local cemetery, Bleu accidentally knocked the carved head of Jesus off a tombstone , and from then on, believed she was somehow cursed, as a spectral form of the head stalked her.


She and her friends finally returned to the cemetery to fix it, only to find that someone had beat them to it. Nonetheless, they returned the head; the result was a two-headed Jesus. From that point on, at certain times, Bleu is haunted by an image of two Jesus-heads.

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Timewise, the volumes come in the order: one, two, four, three. As several stories make reference to past events, this order can become confusing. In an add-on comic in volume four, Clugston addresses this issue. Monday — For other uses, see Monday disambiguation. Galileo s drawings of the Moon and its phases. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Share. Description Reviews More Details.

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This third volume is a collection of the gang's travails across various seasonal revelries. A horror story contest gets out of control, a Christmas graveyard gathering is crashed by a raunchy elf, and the Valentine's Day dance ends with a major turning point for Clover and Victor, but his April Fool's Day prank just might screw it all up! Free Returns We hope you are delighted with everything you buy from us. However, if you are not, we will refund or replace your order up to 30 days after purchase.

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